Canon FTb QL

Built in 1971 the FTb is a full metal dinosaur. My model had heavy accidents in its long life. The frame counter is stuck, the shutter release knob cant be locked anymore, the advance lever is very shaky and when the time is set to 1/60 the mirror locks up until the next advance. But the old thing is still fun to use, even the spot meter is still working!

Lenses used here were a old 50mm/1,8 S.C. and a new 28mm/2,8

Nikon F65

The F65 wasn´t in use very long. I bought it for my son when he was nine years old. He had used my F55 before, but wanted a SLR of his own. Some weeks after buying the F65 he forgot the camera at home. So I lent him my Canon A-1 for the day. Since then he uses the Canon and the F65 stays in the shelf. No comment!

Nikon F55

I bought it to have a very small and light Nikon beside my 801 and used it mostly with the 35-70mm as a P&S. Its a completely plastic camera and if the name Nikon wouldn´t be written on it ...

These two were taken with the Sigma 2,8/24mm AF on slide film.

Olympus Superzoom 120 (I)

Introduced in 1995. The Superzoom 120 (USA: Accura) has a 35-120mm/f4.5-8.7 with a minimum focus distance of 60cm. Its big and heavy compared with the mju-models, but can be held safe. Unusual power switch, which is activated by moving the flash forward. Besides the usual program modes the camera has a highspeed mode which takes up to four frames in one second. Shutter lag is ok, shutter and transport are not very noisy, only the rewind is quite loud. The body is weatherproof.