Bencini Comet NK135 (I)

A scale focus camera with a fake prism. Big and surprisingly heavy, with an uncommon front shutter release button. Speeds B, 30-250, Bluestar lens 2,8/50mm.

Contax 137MA

The 137MA suffered of the normal Contax disease, the damaged body cover. So I applied blue leather.
The 137MA is one of the quietest motor cameras I own. It features aperture priority AE, manual control, AE memory lock and a DOF preview button. The finder shows not only aperture and speed, but also the frame number. The body came with a detachable handgrip.


Two sisters from the East. The Elikon AF is another clone of the Konica C35AF, the Elikon 35 is a full AE scale focus camera.
Unfortunately both are not working, so you´ll have to wait for pics:-(

Yashica Electro 35GS (I)

Built in 1968 this Yashica is still in perfect cosmetical shape. Like many other Electros it suffered from the well known "Pad of death" illness.
After replacing the rotten pad the whole system works well again. I replaced the original mercury battery with one CR123A and two LR44 batteries. This combo fits in the battery chamber without any space problems. The higher voltage against the original battery seems to be no problem (when using B&W film).

Konica Recorder

The "Recorder" is the same camera as the Konica AA-35: Half frame, AF, motor wind forward and backward. Hexanon 24mm/4, shutter speeds from 1/60 to 1/500s. It uses two AA cells. After my AA-35 stopped working I could get this "Recorder" as a part of a camera bundle. It´s in much better condition than the AA-35 and gives me the same fun in creating photo patterns.


I´m a big fan of 50mm lenses. They are light, small and useable in most photographic situations. They force you to go instead of zooming in. I almost never used one that was really crappy. Most of them are cheap, and that´s the result ...

Linhof 220 (I)

The Linhof 220 is a 6x7cm rangefinder camera with a big grip, that makes it great for portrait oriented shooting, but not for landscape orientation. The lens is the famous Technikar 3,5/90mm, that is available for the Alpa cameras too.

A full frame:

And a 100% crop:

Fomapan 400, scanned at 2400dpi (Canoscan 8400F)

Konica A4