Olympus LT-1

The mju-I in a brown leather skin. Feels good, but the "tongue" is very annoying when you use the camera. Be careful not to cover the lens!

Nikon F-601 AF

C-41 (IV)

Shot with a Konica Off-road on Kodak Farbwelt 200. Developed in Tetenal C-41 baths that stood in dilution for more than one year. I had expected blank negatives or much heavier color aberrations while developing.

This one is after photoshopping.

Nikkor AI 43-86mm/3,5

I saw this lens first in 1979 when I bought my first Nikon, but a test I read made me buy a Tokina 35-70 that time.
The 43-86 is much heavier than the Tokina (that did not survive!), but the feeling and handling is great.

Canon AV-1

Jupiter-8 50mm/2

I own three Jupiter-8 lenses, two for the Kiev and one for the M39 mount. All three are soft wide open , but very sharp when stopped down. The stepped aperture of the Kiev-lenses are easier to use than the stepless one of the M39 lens.

The little wooden piece under the infinity lock makes the distance setting less frustrating.

The Zorki 1 with the J-8, an Altix 35/50mm finder and a selfmade handgrip.

The other side (I)

There are more and more DSLR photographers out there, who make very interesting subjects. So sometimes I will post photos of their equipment and (hopefully) their behaviour, which seems to be very similar.
These are photos from the Tiergarten in Nürnberg, where young tigers can be seen.

The most interesting thing was, that there seemed to be much more cameras than photographers.

The guy in the foreground had a really fast camera. While I took these four pictures he stood at the same place and snapped approx. 50 photos.