Lubitel 2

Look, feel, handling: OK
Focus ring, finder: Horrible
Lens quality: Surprise!
All examples are shot on Fortepan 400, developed in R09, 15 min.

Konica Big Mini HG (I)

Kodak Vest Pocket Model B

The Vest Pocket Model B took 4x6,5cm photos on 127 film. The lens in mine is a Doublet f8, fix focus. The camera has to be loaded through the front side, after removing the whole bed and bellows unit, which is a pain! The camera has the "Autographic" window on the back, that could be used to scratch notes into the backing paper of the autographic film. The notes were burnt into the film by the sunlight, some early version of a data back.

Canon MC

A cute looking early AF camera, but beaten with the curse of Canon, a too noisy advance motor; the rewind is even louder!
It is powered by two AAA batteries. In size and lens (35mm/2,8) it can be compared with the Minolta AF-C. The AF-C is much more silent (manual advance), the Canon has the better handling and construction quality.

Kodak Retina Ia

Lens is a Retina Xenar 50mm/3,5, the frame counter is stuck, but everything else is fine, even the bellows.

Film stand developed at room temperature for 25min. Fresh mixed baths (Tetenal colortec)