All Porst lenses in M42-mount.

Pentax ME (I)

The ME, manufactured between 1976 and 1979 is a aperture-priority AE camera. The only settings beside AE are X and B. The philosophy is similar to the OM-10, but the quality of the body beats the OM-10. My camera came with the SMC 1,4/50mm which is a very tiny 1,4-lens (49mm filters). The ME´s shutter is loud compared to a OM-1 or a Chinon CE-II. I like the fact, that the manual override of the shutter can be done without loosening any locks - but on the other hand there is no warning that you activated the manual override!

All pictures taken with the SMC 1,4/50mm on CN 200 ASA

Cosina AF-35

The most crazy feature of this camera is the pop-up-finder. Bodies of the late 70s cameras are nothing less than streamlined. For me this makes them charming. But its a pita to clean the dust attracting plastic bodies!
The manual is here

An early AF-compact. AF-system Visitronic (passive). Like most other AFs from the late 70s it has a 38mm lens. The camera has no AF-memory. For off-center framing you have to change to a optional zone focus

Konica AF3

The third generation of Konicas AF-cameras from 1984. Instead of the Visitronic-AF of the C35AF and C35AF 2 it has a active infrared AF with a memory function. Limited AE from 1/60 - 1/500s and f2,8-16.
I like the concept of AF in combination with manual transport, which avoids the motor noise. The Hexanon 2,8/35mm is a really sharp lens.

Olympus XA2

A simpler, but not poorer version of the XA. Scale focus instead of rangefinder. Maitani seems to have built in some magic AF; though the camera has only three distance marks, it seems to take only sharp pictures. The lens has a nice vignetting.
The transport of my camera jammed at the middle of the first film. After opening the bottom I found a little piece of metal blocking the transport. I removed it and it seems to be not a very important part;-) The second film was exposed and wound properly:


Praktica 50mm/2,8; Domiplan 50mm/2,8; Porst 55mm/2,8

Chinon 55mm/1,4; Yashica 50mm/1,4; Porst 55mm/1,4; Pentax 50mm/1,4


Chinon CE-II (1974), Revueflex 3000SL (1975), Yashica FR (1976)

More Chrome

Some chrome from the 70s:
Olympus OM-1 (1972), Canon FTb-N (1973), Minolta SRT 303b (1975) and Pentax ME (1976)

Red buttons

Polaroid Instant 10

The Box for Instant film.

The used Film expired 1995.