C-41 II

Some pictures on developing C-41 at home with a minimalistic setup:
I develop in my bathroom, on the top of the washing machine. The green tub is big enough to contain 3 litres of water, the three chemistry bottles and the developing tank. I fill in 1,5 litres cold water and then add 1,5 litres boiling water, which gives enough heat to bring the developer to a temperature of ca. 38 degrees C.

Heating up the tank by filling in warm water and putting it in the tub.

After filling in the developer I lay the tank in the warm water and rotate it manually during the developing time. Before filling in the developer I check the temperature and increase the developing time when the temperature below 38 degrees C.
Note: This is not recommended by the manual and I cant say whether it will work for others!
The manual rotation is repeated for the bleach bath and the stabilization bath.

Between bleach and stabilization the watering is done under running warm water with different water changes.

Done. The tub is from IKEA and costs ca. 5,-EUR. The tank was bought on the fleamarket for 2,-EUR. The three bottles were 10,-EUR, the jugs are household ware for 1,-EUR each. Most of the equipment was used before for developing B&W and the thermometer was a gift.

Some pictures:
(Camera was the Nikon TW 2 AF, film was a 200ASA drugstore brand)


Kiev 4A with Jupiter-12 2,8/35mm and Altix-finder and
Zorki 1e with Leitz Summaron 35mm/3,5 and Leitz VIOOH finder.

C-41 I

Self developing color films as a step to be independent of professional labs is not as difficult as I thought.
I used the Tetenal Colortec C-41 kit with three baths and a Jobo 2400 tank.

The camera was the Lomo LC-A

Konica FS-1

Introduced in 1979 the FS-1 was the first SLR with integrated electronic winder for the film advance. I really like the fact that the rewind has to be done manually, which saves energy and is much less disturbing than a electrical rewind.
The energy comes from four AA-cells in the handgrip. The FS-1 has (Konica-typical) a speed-priority AE. The finder only shows the aperture, not the selected speed. The motor is surprisingly quiet, especially compared to my Canon T70, which is several years younger.
I bought my model in a kit with the 40mm/1,8, the 28mm/3,5 and a Soligor telezoom. The Hexanons are extremely sharp and distortion-free lenses and fun to use, the cameras seals had to be replaced (as usual!).