Konica C35AF (II)

Nikkor AF 70-210mm

Mounted on a Nikon F90X

Olympus mju-II

Maybe the last roll with this mju-II; the film advance got crazy during the last roll:-(

Konica POP (black)

The POP is a simple fixfocus camera, that was made in many colors. Informations and pictures.

Signs of use (III)

Konica TC

Konica TC

Konica TC

Konica Big Mini

Konica Off Road with Velcro back lock

Agfa Super Silette Automatic

Linhof 220; back lock broken, velcro substitute

Linhof 220, damaged coating of finder glass

Signs of use (II)

More details of not so pretty cameras that are still working. I buy cameras to use them and prefer usually the cheaper ones.

Contax 139

My son´s Canon A-1 after years of heavy use

Canon Epoca

Ricoh R1; I dropped it the day after I received it. Still working!

Rollei 35 Tessar, dropped on concrete, survived!

Signs of use (I)

Some details of cameras that are not longer mint. All of them are working!

Olympus OM-1

Canon FTb QL

Canon FTb QL

Konica Recorder

Minolta SRT 303b

Contax 137MA

Olympus mju-II

Konica AF-3

Some fun with the Konica AF-3 and developing C-41 films at 20 deg C. I thought the colors were good for flea market photos.