Nikon FG-20 and Industar-50-2

The smallest of my 50s, bought with a Zenit B for 5,- Euro some years ago and seldomly used until I got a Nikon FG-20 with a M42-Ai adapter last week. The tiny FG-20 and the tiny I-50-2 make a great pair.

Pictures on Agfapan 400, stand developed in Rodinal 1+100 for one hour.

The lost cameras (III, Kodak EK 2)

Since the beginning of my relationship with photographic gear in 1979 I lost lots of equipment.
Some cameras died, some were sold, some I gave away as gifts. Luckily the photos survived.

You remember: Kodak once made Instant cameras and films too! Okay, only as long as Polaroid let them do so;-)
My first Instant camera was the Kodak EK2. See here:
It´s the model that didn´t have a motor to throw out the picture, no, you had do do this by winding a crank! When Kodak stopped producing instant films, Polaroid had a change-your-camera offer here in Germany and I gave away the EK2 and bought an Image (Spectra) instead. I still have some photographs from the EK2:

Use and abuse of a C41-kit

I started with a fresh mixed Tetenal C41 kit (1l).

After using it for some films in the standard 38 deg C/ rotation method,
I decided to try the developing at room temperature
(20 deg C).

Some searching in the web gave me a starting point at 15min with one agitation every 30 sec.
At 18 deg C I developed 30 min with identical agitation and found no difference in the negatives.
Blix time was 30 min, same agitation.

Then I changed to stand development at 20 deg C. First films were developed 60 min with ten initial agitations, then I reduced the developing time to 45 min. Blix time always one hour.

I developed in the kit 33 films so far. Whenever the developer went under 1l, I filled in water to get the litre again.

The scans came out in very different ways. Some pictures could be used without any correction, some had a strong red haze.