Rolleimat AF

The Rolleimat AF has all the features the Rollei 35 doesn´t. Its fully automatic including a AF with focus lock and it has a built in flash. But it has nothing of the 35´s charm! Its feel is a little bit crappy and lightweight especially when used parallel with the 35. The pictures are sharp and the AF is mostly spot on.

Rollei 35 (I)

The Rollei 35 is so cute!
Such a little camera and so heavy. All manual, no battery needed (except of the meter- but who needs it)
My Rollei is the Singapore model with Tessar. The Compur shutter is smooth through all speeds, which is very enjoyable, body and lens are fine and the fact that many people sell those cuties to buy crappy digitals made the price very affordable!


Another rangefinder from the FSU. Its bigger than my Zorki 1, but has the full speed range from 1s - 1/500s. The mounted
I-61 is not the L/D version, but gives really sharp pictures which seem to have nicer oof areas than the L/D version. The takeup spool broke when changing film the first time, but fortunately the Zorki´s spool fits in. The shutter cloth is still light-tight, but the speed dial was twisted and had to be brought in the right position.

All pictures on Polypan F @ 200ASA; Rodinal 1+40, 25min