C-41 (V)

Another try to modify the C-41 processing:
This example was developed in the Tetenal Colortec kit at 20℃. The kit was used for 20 films in standard development before. I found some advice for 24℃ in the net and decided to go down to 20℃.
Developing time was 15 min with an agitation time of 30 secs in the beginning, then one agitation every 30 secs.
The blix time was 30 min with identical agitation.
The negatives came out very thin, but I think this could be the consequence of a badly exposing camera (F-601 with some problems).
There is heavy blue color aberration, but the fix in PS was possible. The blue cast doesn´t show up in every frame.
The last photo shows the 100% crop with the grain. The film was a expired Polaroid 200.

More examples will follow

Nikon FG

Beside the F50 the FG is one of the ugly ducklings from Nikon. Prices are much lower than for the FA, the Nikkormats or the F/F2.
The FG is tiny, nearly too tiny to fit my hand well, but the small grip is helpful.
The lens here is the same Sigma AF 24mm/2,8 as in the post before, but without the shade.

Nikon F50

Not the most beautiful Nikon SLR, but a trusty one. My wife uses her F50 since the mid 90s and it´s AF and exposure system are great (she uses slide film exclusively!). Nothing to say against the sturdiness too: In 1998 my then one year old son poked his finger into the shutter and slipped out two of the lamellas (first day of our holidays!) We could fix it with the tweezers of my Swiss Army Knife! No further service! Nikon!
In my eyes the only pita of this camera is the use of these tiny knobs to set the functions.

Olympus XA-4

All the advantages of the XA series combined with a 28mm lens. I found a nearly mint XA4, it even came with the measuring rope; the only drawback is a broken frame counter.
Edit: After exposing several films the counter came to life again and works since then!

Panagor 90mm/2,8 Macro

This lens focuses down to M 1:1; but it´s a long way to go from infinity and the length increases so much, that I was afraid it could fall apart when using it first.
My lens has the Pentax K-mount and I use it with a ME, that lacks a DOF control knob. This makes focusing a bit tricky. Holding the tiny ME with the full extended lens is not really nice, so I bought a winder for the camera; this combo is perfect to hold, but the noise of the winder is ...!