The other side (V)

The Holga lens for m4/3 features a sieve-plate-like aperture, that changes its distance to the "glass" when the lens is focused. The effect: the vignetting is nearly invisible when the lens is set to infinity and heavy when the lens is close focused:

You can even see the sieve´s pattern around the center:

I removed the sieve plate and the lens seems to create sharper photos with some distortions and no vignetting:

The third way to use the sieve plate is to place it deeper in the lens, closer to the "glass". The vignetting is visible, but not too extreme:

The other side (IV)

The Holga 25mm lens for Micro 4/3 cameras.

The other side (III)

Me on the other side; Lumix G1 with Chinon 55mm/1,4