Nikon FM

In 1979 I received (as a very generous gift fom my parents) my first own SLR, the Nikon FM, equipped with a Tokina 35-70mm lens. I loved it, I used it for years, buying lenses from 28mm up to 500mm for it. In the 90s, in need of money I sold the whole stuff. I always felt guilty , it didn´t seem right to sell the first own camera. Now, after many other cameras another FM found its way to me and when I opened the package and used the controls it was like ...
The camera seemed to have stayed in a shelf for long years, the shutter needed some exercise, but now all works fine.

This was shot 1980 with a Danubia 500mm/f8

Revue 35CC

A small, pocketable camera with a tricky opening system using the advance lever for opening and closing the frontdoors. Scale focus system, program AE. My model has messy seals (no surprise) and the advance lever makes strange, scratching sounds. A flash can be attached by a screw at the side.