Chinon Bellami

The Chinon Bellami and it´s clone, the Revue 35CC

Nikon F90x

The F90 x has anything a boy could wish to play with; it has the usual sticky back of the 90s Nikons too, but gaffer tape fixed it.
The camera came with a Sigma 28-105, that is a fine lens and gives a counterweight to the massive body (well, not so massive, compared with the F2 Photomic)

Early AF

Early AF cameras of the 70s and 80s with the features AF and manual advance are my personal faves, although the use is not really satisfying. The cheap plastic bodies , the wobbly controls and the "sound" are evil. The lens quality is much better than the handling, especially the lens of the Konica AF3 is great.

Dacora-matic 4D

The Dacora-matic 4D from 1960 is unique because of it´s four shutter release buttons. Pressing one of them sets the lens to the according distance. The aperture is set automatically by a selenium light meter, the exposure time is combined with the film speed setting. Is this AF or is it scale focusing or is it zone focusing?