Ricoh Super Shot

A not often seen rangefinder from 1965. It uses a program AE system  (1,7-16 and 1/15-1/500sec.) with only one feedback in the finder, a yellow light for long exposure warning. The film is advanced by the well known Ricoh spring drive; one full tension of the spring gave 12 exposures when the camera was new; mine gives me six to eight frames, but it´s still a joy to hear the sound of the gears!
The camera needs a 1,35V mercury battery. I replaced it with a LR44, a homemade brass spring and a piece of cardboard to hold it in place and get contact. The Polypan film I used at a setting of 100 ASA came out well.
My Ricoh has some problems with the focus accuracy in close distances, but I will hopefully fix this.
The manual is here