Minox 35EL

Is it possible to live without a Minox 35 - I thought so and sold my 35PL some years ago. I quickly saw, that this idea was not so good. I decided to get me another Minox 35, but now I wanted to go back to the start, to the 35EL. No unnecessary gimmicks like backlight compensation, just the famous Makrolon chassis and the Minotar lens. In fact there were improvements in later models, first of all the winding lever, which is a pain at the 35EL.

100%-crop from the picture above; Kodak Farbwelt 400

Update: The Minotar is now used digital too!

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  1. Inzwischen habe ich auch eine 35 EL. Der Film ist fast voll. Bin gespannt auf die Ergebnisse. Allerdings entwickle ich nicht mehr selbst.