Porst 135L

Rangefinder with full AE, no manual setting except for the flash. Really sharp lens. Some light leaks, which seem to wander around. When I fix one, in the next film there will shine up another:-(

Traumbild 200 This camera is sold now.


  1. Hey. Are these photos straightened in graphic program or during developing? I'm curious, because I want to buy exactly this same camera. Do you know if in this Porst can be possible effects like in i.e. soviet camera where photos are burnt out in some parts of frame (typical for lomography)? RSVP, greetings.

    1. Hello; these photosare scans from the print, unaltered. The film was a cheap drugstore brand, 200 ASA, drugstore development. The cameras of the 70s weren´t designed for optical errors, they wanted sharp pictures with straight colors in these days.