Gossen Sixtino

A very useful tool when using cameras with exotic batteries or without meters. Always stored in his hardcase the selenium cell of this Sixtino has survived and is even still exact enough for slide film. In the case I have a list of extensionfactors for my pinholecameras.


  1. I have the sixtino 2. I bought it 12 years ago and i forgot it in a drawer. Lately i bought a Zeiss Ikon and now i am using it all the time. It is pretty small and accurate too.

  2. Hab auch eine goossen sixtino vn meinem grossvater geerbt, und funktioniert einwandfrei! Und gleichzeitig so klein und praktisch!
    Und gratuliere für die Qualität von diesem blog, hab viele interressante Sachen gelernt! :)