Nikon FM

In 1979 I received (as a very generous gift fom my parents) my first own SLR, the Nikon FM, equipped with a Tokina 35-70mm lens. I loved it, I used it for years, buying lenses from 28mm up to 500mm for it. In the 90s, in need of money I sold the whole stuff. I always felt guilty , it didn´t seem right to sell the first own camera. Now, after many other cameras another FM found its way to me and when I opened the package and used the controls it was like ...
The camera seemed to have stayed in a shelf for long years, the shutter needed some exercise, but now all works fine.

This was shot 1980 with a Danubia 500mm/f8


  1. Perfect cam! My brother gifted one to me with a 50/1.4 - insane (un)depth of field. And my father gave his 105/2.5 to me, my fav for concert photography with an ilford 3200.