Konica FS-1

Introduced in 1979 the FS-1 was the first SLR with integrated electronic winder for the film advance. I really like the fact that the rewind has to be done manually, which saves energy and is much less disturbing than a electrical rewind.
The energy comes from four AA-cells in the handgrip. The FS-1 has (Konica-typical) a speed-priority AE. The finder only shows the aperture, not the selected speed. The motor is surprisingly quiet, especially compared to my Canon T70, which is several years younger.
I bought my model in a kit with the 40mm/1,8, the 28mm/3,5 and a Soligor telezoom. The Hexanons are extremely sharp and distortion-free lenses and fun to use, the cameras seals had to be replaced (as usual!).

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