Konica Z-up 80 RC (I)

The "Z-up 80 RC Limited Super Zoom High Precision Autofocus Camera" has a name that is very much longer than the zoom range of only 40-80mm. But the list of built-in features could be longer than the name. The camera seems to be a boy´s dream come true. On every side of the body there are some gimmicks to play with:

On the top you find the illuminating window for the finder rightlines on the left, the main switch and the shutter release on the right. In the middle the popup flash is placed.

Left side, zoom at 40mm.

Left side, lens fully zoomed out at 80mm. The flash zooms with the lens. Lower on the body there is the opening switch for the back.

On the bottom you find the battery door, the tripod mount and a little gizmo named "TILT". Flip it out and the camera is tilted upward ( approx. 20 degrees) when placed on a flat surface.

On the right side of the body there is the bulky handgrip, that contains the battery (2CR5 Lithium). Push the point of the grip that is marked "PUSH" and the remote pops out. On the side there is also the strap lug.

The back is the control station of the Z-up.
Top left the adjustable finder. Top right the zoom switch and the remote sensor. Under the finder the film cartridge window is placed. In the middle you find the big display for all the camera functions: frame counter, battery status, flash mode/+1,5EV backlight function; drive modes S, C, selftimer, remote; the modes for date imprint and setting the date/time. ME for multiexposures (up to 37 exposures on one frame!), TE for longtime exposures (max. 99h, 59m, 59s!!) and the INT mode for interval timing (max. 37 frames with a delay of 99h, 59m, 59s between each frame!!!)

On the front you see the lens, that has a orbicular cover, the front remote sensor, the finder and on the lower right the infinity switch.
The body is made of black, gold-spotted plastic, all letters are golden.

The finder shows parallax markings in red when the distance is in the macro range. Other distance marks are shown in red too. The manual is now available on butkus.org


  1. Anonymous1/03/2012

    Thanks so much for this! I just inherited one from my grandparents and didn't know what half of the gadgets were. very useful!

  2. Hello, on the inside of the data back there is a tiny switch that is labeled "Fix Mode" and above it there appears to be inked label I, N, & M.

    Do you have any idea what this switch does?

    1. In my Zup there is only the letter M beside the Fix Mode switch, but I have no idea what that means; I wil try to find it out. Look back here sometimes.

  3. can you tell me what the illuminating window is for? and the remote. thanks!! :D

  4. The little white window beside the flash is illuminating the viewfinder brightlines. The remote windows (a bigger on the front, a smaller on the back) are the receiving parts of the remote release.

  5. This is the only camera I have not been able to find an online user manual for. I am a bit confused by the set functions under the hood. I need to be walked through those manual style. I am also not sure what the front two position EME-Infinity switch does. Can someone explain that?

    1. The front switch sets the lens to infinity, when held down while pressing the shutter button.

      The three buttons DATE, SELECT and SET work together. DATE let´s you choose the displaying mode of the date imprint (off; month, day, year; day, month year; year, month, day; day, hour, minute).
      When you then press select, one of the numbers begins to blink. It can the be set with the SET button to the number you want .

      The FUNC button gives the choice of multi exposure, timed exposure length and interval exposure.

      Feel free to ask more questions!

    2. Thank you for that. I have been through two rolls of film on the Konica. The front slider switch is still a mystery. You said that holding that switch down will set the lens to infinity. But would that not happen normally anyway when the landscape icon is displayed? Or perhaps holding it down will override another displayed focal distance? In any case I did try that but the camera seemed to think this was a command to rewind the film! And it did - after only 4 exposures. I loaded a second roll after that and now will go nowhere near that mysterious (to me) slider control.

  6. Thank you for the info and the link, Russell. The rewind command seemslike a bug to me. I will try to get more info!

  7. Hi, I don't know if you're still checking this but I just received this camera and I have accidentally set it to 2 on the multiple exposures settings and i don't know how to put it back to one. Can you help me? Also, how do you take the time stamp off? thank you!