Linhof 220 (I)

The Linhof 220 is a 6x7cm rangefinder camera with a big grip, that makes it great for portrait oriented shooting, but not for landscape orientation. The lens is the famous Technikar 3,5/90mm, that is available for the Alpa cameras too.

A full frame:

And a 100% crop:

Fomapan 400, scanned at 2400dpi (Canoscan 8400F)


  1. Hello Zeno
    I found your blog searching for info on the 220. Just 'stole' one from my sis which was passed down from my dad. It is in a sad state, all rusted and the focusing ring is stuck. I've open it up and am trying to clean it up, almost able to figure all things out but the focusing ring is a black box. How easy does it turn?
    Michael (

  2. Hello!

    What is the actual size of the camera?
    I´m thinking of buying one but I am not sure what I should expect in the terms of size.
    I would greatly appreciate your help on that matter.