Contax 139


  1. Hi! can the lens mount (attached to the body by 4 screws) of yashica FX cameras be attached to the contax 139? because someone offers me his 139 without the lens mount, but its still working and i'd like to use the mount of FX-3 or other FX on the 139
    Thanks for any help!

  2. The screws are the same at my 139 and the Yashica FR I own also.
    The 139 which is shown in my thread has a broken advance mechanism and is in bad shape. I would trade it to you if you were interested. I´m not interested in money, but perhaps you have some piece of photographic equipment you want to offer; if so, drop me a line at

  3. thanks for the info, for now i already got a FR II in ugly condition, just to extract the mount and to be installed on the 139. i'll mail u if i have any 'unwanted' equipment
    keep the blog going! i enjoy seeing ur posts