Nikon F90x

The F90 x has anything a boy could wish to play with; it has the usual sticky back of the 90s Nikons too, but gaffer tape fixed it.
The camera came with a Sigma 28-105, that is a fine lens and gives a counterweight to the massive body (well, not so massive, compared with the F2 Photomic)


  1. This was one my dream cameras back in the 90's. Then I got a Canon EOS 5 and i forgot all about it. A fine camera the F90x is...

  2. Thats right, a real dream. It´s not so difficult to make analogue dreams come true these days. For this F90x with the Sigma 28-105 I had to pay 60,- Euro!

  3. The Nikon F90 X was and is my favourite camera ever. I have been using on since 1998 and I so in love with it that in 2001 I bought a brand new which i still have never used because i wanted to have it completly new and untouched. With F 90X and FM2 i've made great pictures i'm proud of.

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  4. To get a never used camera is a very special feeling!

    1. I bought it in 2001 just to keep it unused. Idid it because it's the most beautiful camera i've ever seen and i wanted to have one untuched to enjoy it forever in perfect condition. With my used F 90X i've travelled alot and i've made great pictures i'm proud of!

      Great light metering, focus accuracy, and superb results.