Polypan F

In the next months many cameras I showed before will reappear in this blog. The difference to the former posts is, that all pictures will be shot on the same sort of film, the Polypan F.

The Polypan F is, so I´ve been told by the distributor, the emulsion of the Ilford Pan F on a thin, clear polyester base. It is normally used for copying cine films and is available only in rolls of 90m and 152m. Polypan F on Ebay Germany

I load the film into metal cartridges and usually shoot it at 100 ASA. The developing is done in APH09 (Rodinal recipe), dilution 1:100, one hour stand development with ten initial agitations. I don´t use stop bath, only water and the fixation is done with Adox Adofix.

The price of a roll is ca. 33 Eurocents, which is hard to beat.

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