The lost Cameras (VIII, Minox 35 PL)

Since the beginning of my relationship with photographic gear in 1979 I lost lots of equipment.
Some cameras died, some were sold, some I gave away as gifts. Luckily the photos survived.

The Minox 35 PL has all the advantages and disadvantages of the Minox 35 series, but features a program AE; that means, you have no clue what aperture the camera choose and if you can use a certain DOF. The camera I owned had a extremely sensible shutter. Everytime the camera touched something a little bit harder it needed a service. So I sold it.


  1. I like your photos very much. Your blog is intresting and lead perfectly - congratulations. I would like to lift a figer by my blog was more similar your, but lately I can't break myself to take more a photo and I have not a simple pictures from many cameras whom I to own. Thank you and I hope that you understand what I can to say (I don't speak english very well I'm afraid). I will be to visit for sure.

  2. Thank you for your kind words!