Statistics for 2012

The year 2012 is over and I have finished the frame count for the year: My archive contains the following frames:

Rollei 35 project: 60 rolls > 2160 frames
135 with other cameras: 102 rolls > 3672 frames
Digital: Frames shot ca. 16000; frames stored: 8165

Complete analogue and digital: 14007 frames

My most important purchase in 2012 was the Ricoh GRD III, that brought the nearly complete switch to digital for me. This camera replaced my Rollei 35 and is the first digital camera I´m completely comfortable with. Another important piece of gear was a 1935 Tessar 2,8cm that I use with my Lumix G1. It´s uncoated lenses give a very pleasing look to the digital files.

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