Die GUS-Messsucherkameras nur als Leica-Nachbauten zu bezeichnen wird den Apparaten nicht gerecht. Da ist mehr als Nachahmung. Oben mit einem (geliehenen) Elmar aus den 50ern, unten mit dem (guten!) Industar 61 2,8/53mm.


  1. Hello!

    I was looking on your blog and i see that you have both the Industar I-22 and the Leitz Elmar 50 f/3.5.
    I am planing to buy a Leica IIIc and i was thinking about which lens to buy. What is your experience with those two lenses? Do you have a preference?
    Thank you very much.

  2. Hello Panagiotis,
    sorry that I saw this post so late. I didn´t compare the two lenses scientifically and my Elmar has some haze so that the I-22 brings the sharper pictures. Maybe you could do some research at www.rangefinderforum.com. There are lots of guys who know much more about Elmars than me.