Nikon Pronea S

The Pronea S is a tiny camera, with the external battery pack MB-1 it is good to hold. Here I mounted a Sigma 2,8/24mm, which is a moderate wideangle for the APS-format (similar problems as the digital shooters, eh?). The technique is Nikon-like.
A, P, S-AE programs. Manual settings with AI-Nikkors without AF. The most annoying thing is the developing price for APS-film.
Update: I have a reel for APS now, so I can develop the films myself. The Pronea will be used more the next time!


  1. Hey! Im looking for a reel for APS film, where did you find it and what tank does it work in?
    APS was a conspiracy against honest darkroom guys!

  2. I found an old tank on a flea market which reel can be set to different sizes (stepless). I hope to find out the manufacturer to get more, but had no luck so far. Ebay Germany has Jobo APS reel from time to time, but the prices are mostly insane!