Canon AF 35 ML (I)

This is a camera that was imho designed like an onion-donut. It has a very nice 1,9/40mm lens which would be perfect for available light photography, but the camera is so loud, that the use in many low light situations isn´t really funny. When the exposure is too long for handheld photography the camera sends a horrible beep, so that everyone 20 meters around you knows that a photo will be taken. After releasing the shutter the film is wound by a motor that could have been built by Caterpillar:-(

I received the camera with a tele/wide auxiliary lens set plus finders.

 How to cut the beep: The silence of the cam


  1. Hey,
    I've just bought a camera like that and I am not sure how to load the film into it?
    Can you explain it to me? Thanks :)

  2. Open the back, put the film in and draw the film leader to the take up spool. Close the back and release the camera three times to load the film. Control the correct film movement in the little window on the back (the white and red stripes will wiggle when the film is wound properly)

  3. Tengo una duda sobre el flash.
    no flashea aun estando en flash on y y el foquito alado del visor esta naranja, tomo la foto y no sale el flash S:
    Aparte como esta eso del iso?!
    la tengo en 50, se cambia automaticamente?!

  4. Hey,

    I just bought one of these but im not sure if it's real or a replica.

    How do I find out? The batteries inside were corroded but I cleaned that.

    Brandon Q.

    1. I´m quite sure that there are no replicas of this camera. Canon made two versions , one with a maximum ASA of 400 and one with a maximum of 1000. The cameras were sold on different continents under different names, but thats it.

  5. How to take the AF35ML apart? I took out the 7 screws and the top front cover came off. But now what??