Konica C35AF (I)

The worlds first serial-produced AF-camera. Member of a small group of cameras of the late 70s, with AF, but manual film advance. The AF is based on the Honeywell Visitronic system. The camera has programmed automatic exposure with apertures from 2,8-16 and a time range from 1/60-1/250s. The lens is a Hexanon 2,8/38mm.
The AF needs vertical lines and good light, but then it produces yery sharp pictures and is fast enough for (my) street photography. The manual film advance and the manual flash activation are other features that make the camera stealthy.
The camera is big, heavy, good to hold.

Kodak Farbwelt 400

Traumbild 200


  1. This camera was really a milestone! Thanks for sharing nice photos! I linked to your page from my Konica C35 AF post.

  2. A friend of mine gave me a good looking C35 AF2 for free after I had bought a mintish Autoreflex TC from him. What a nice surprise! My Konica family just keeps growing.

  3. Yes, Konica made a bunch of nice and exotic cameras, enjoyable for users and collectors!