Olympus XA2

A simpler, but not poorer version of the XA. Scale focus instead of rangefinder. Maitani seems to have built in some magic AF; though the camera has only three distance marks, it seems to take only sharp pictures. The lens has a nice vignetting.
The transport of my camera jammed at the middle of the first film. After opening the bottom I found a little piece of metal blocking the transport. I removed it and it seems to be not a very important part;-) The second film was exposed and wound properly:


  1. Caramelcoveredcrack3/07/2010

    I love the pictures of the raindrops!

  2. I agree, the rain (snow?) photos are really beautiful. They sort of remind me of this photo by Nan Goldin: http://i.ebayimg.com/23/!Bo,5km!BGk~$%28KGrHqQH-C4EuZWTkim+BLnVNFRyeQ~~_3.JPG

  3. Thank you both very much!