Cosina AF-35

The most crazy feature of this camera is the pop-up-finder. Bodies of the late 70s cameras are nothing less than streamlined. For me this makes them charming. But its a pita to clean the dust attracting plastic bodies!
The manual is here

An early AF-compact. AF-system Visitronic (passive). Like most other AFs from the late 70s it has a 38mm lens. The camera has no AF-memory. For off-center framing you have to change to a optional zone focus


  1. Anonymous4/11/2008

    hi, there is very nice photos , i enjoy them.
    have fun.

  2. Since yesterday, I also have this camera.
    Can you give me details about the shutterspeed and the ranges of the optical zone focus system..?
    Trial and error may get a little expensive on this ;-]

  3. matmaxx,
    you can find the manual for the Cosina AF-35 here:

  4. thanks a lot for the link