Panagor 90mm/2,8 Macro

This lens focuses down to M 1:1; but it´s a long way to go from infinity and the length increases so much, that I was afraid it could fall apart when using it first.
My lens has the Pentax K-mount and I use it with a ME, that lacks a DOF control knob. This makes focusing a bit tricky. Holding the tiny ME with the full extended lens is not really nice, so I bought a winder for the camera; this combo is perfect to hold, but the noise of the winder is ...!


  1. A long story deviating from the subject: Is this lens as good as Nikon or Canon? An answer would be appreciated.

  2. I did not use Canon or Nikon Macro lenses, but the look and feel is absolutely par to any Canon or Nikon lens I own. The sharpness of the Panagor lens is very good, far better than my scanner can show!