Olympus XA-4

All the advantages of the XA series combined with a 28mm lens. I found a nearly mint XA4, it even came with the measuring rope; the only drawback is a broken frame counter.
Edit: After exposing several films the counter came to life again and works since then!


  1. Anonymous4/13/2010

    If the frame counter is stuck at 36 frames and does not reset, it might be due to gunk from the old seals that has gummed up the reset spring. Open the back and check right above the top film rail, and try to move the spring (a small metal tab) with a small screwdriver.

    If the issue persists, opening the top should be similar to the XA and pretty easy. Once opened, you can check the frame counter and fix it. I repaired the one on my XA this way.

    Instructions for the XA are here


  2. Thank you very much! I checked the small metal tab and the counter jumped back (sometimes) Maybe I´ll open the top.