Rollei 35 and Polypan F

There will be not much action for the next months, because I started a project called
"Rollei 35 and Polypan F".
The according blog is here: CLICK
The task is to shoot exclusively the Rollei 35 and the Polypan F for one year.
Exposing (50 ASA), developing (stand development in APH09 1+100) and scanning (Canoscan 8400F @ 3200 dpi)
shall be done under the same conditions for the whole year too.


  1. good luck with the project. i just posted about it because, of course, it's a brilliant idea. i expect no less from you. i hope you will continue collecting great cameras. that would be just too hard to deny yourself. i wait for the next roll from you.

  2. Thank you!

    Of course I will shoot with other cameras in the future. I recently bought a nearly mint Agfa Optima 1535 rangefinder.