Things to come

The first six months of my exclusive use of the Rollei 35 are over, but I did not stop buying cameras.
Here is a first teaser for the things to come after August the 14th, 2011:

Kodak Retina Ia with Schneider Xenar 3,5/50mm
I had a Retina with a Xenar 2,8 before, but it broke. Luckily I found this one on a flea market.
Agfa Optima 1535 Sensor with Solitar 2,8/40mm
I had several models of the Agfa Optima Sensor series but a nice working rangefinder model is top of the list!
Penti I with a brick of Orwo NP 20 SL cassettes
Agfa Rapid and Orwo SL are identical film systems and the Penti I with it´s unique film transport rod is a nice toy.

Pentax Spotmatic SP II with Takumar 1,4/50mm
No need to say anything about this camera and lens, except the fact that some guy sold it to me for five Euro!
UPDATE: While playing with the Spotmatic, the aperture of the Takumar blocked:-(
Nikon Af 600
A small and light P&S with 28mm lens
Canon EOS 650 with Sigma 3,5-4,5/28-70mm
The worlds first AF-SLR, a big and heavy beast with a great handgrip and surface.
Watameter rangefinder for the use with the Rollei 35 in the dark season
UPDATE: This doesn´t work for me! I used it a few times and found that it doesn´t match with my photographic style!
Konica Big Mini
Canon MC
Sigma 28mm/2,8 in Nikon Ai mount
Canon EOS 620 with 50mm/1,8 II (and Data Back)

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