The other side (VIII)

The main reason for me to buy a Micro 4/3 camera was the ability to adapt older lenses. Not only interchangeable lenses, but although fixed lenses that I ripped off various cameras. Here are my Franken-lenses:

Top left: The 17mm/f11 lens from an Agfa LeBox Panoramic disposable camera, mounted into a Leica bodycap. Gaffer tape and superglue

Top middle: The 26mm/f2 lens from a Canon 110ED pocket camera, mounted into the helicoid of a Industar-61. I wound gaffer tape around the lens to get the internal diameter of the Industar.

Top right: The 27mm/f8 lens from a Pentacon K16 pocket camera. The K16 is was a nice camera, but the standard 110 films don´t fit, so ....

Bottom left: The lens from an Agfamatic 300 camera for 126 cassettes. I own two of them; well, owned. The mount is a provisional cardboard/gaffer tape mount on an M39 to M4/3 adapter. When finished it will be mounted into another m39 body cap.

Bottom middle: The Rollei 35 40mm/f3,5 Tessar from the last post.

Bottom right: A plastic lens from a Nippon K147 plastic camera, mounted with gaffer tape into a M4/3 body cap.


  1. Hi,
    Good to see someone else doing this.
    Some nice results.
    The final result is all that matters and who cares what the lens looks like :)
    I have a site with some examples of lens adaption at
    Keep up the good work !
    Retro Len.

  2. Thank you! I will look at your site surely!